VEThealth Multiplier Event

SGM will be attending the VEThealth Final Multiplier Event in Malta on June 10th, 2019. This event is to discuss the results of the VEThealth project, which was successfully implemented by four partners from Malta, Spain and Germany: Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, University of La Laguna, brainshuttle, and SGM Educational Solutions.

The VEThealth project is financed by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union and it is aimed at nurturing and improving vocational education and training (VET) in the field of healthcare while setting up a solid career path. It is based on the following major objectives and strategic activities:

  • Skilling, reskilling and upskilling participants through the digitalisation of learning by creating an online healthcare assistant training course.
  • Increasing work experience opportunities aimed at the validation of participants in the labour market through a 2-month work placement in Germany and practical training sessions in Malta.
  • Validating non-formal and informal knowledge and competences through the electronic accreditation of prior experiential learning; expanding the functional skills of participants broadening the mobility options and communication potential of participants by providing them with online language courses — English, German—, specific to VET needs in healthcare.

If you are interested in attending the event, please contact Ms. Kusch at Learn more about this project at