SGM poised to help digitalise higher education

Empty lecture halls as universities move to online courses amid COVID-19 crisis. (Image: pixabay, CC0 Creative Commons license)

Amid an increasingly tense situation surrounding the global COVID-19 outbreak, institutions of higher education are forced to revisit the concept of digitalised education. Bringing along years of experience, SGM can offer solutions, structures and content to facilitate the digitalisation of higher education.

The progressive spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 has severely affected many areas of our lives. Besides numerous sectors of the economy, the higher education sector in particular is suffering from the necessary containment measures, such as tightened contact restrictions. However, in addition to prohibitions and bans, politicians are also struggling for emergency packages and rescue funds to support the digitalisation of education.

From one day to the next, COVID-19 took the gradual trend of digitalisation by surprise and now demands nothing less than a holistic rethinking of digitalised education, including the associated means of communication, multimedia processing, data transfer, the possibility of group work, and also the examination and evaluation of students’ performances.

Since 2007 SGM Educational Solutions has developed and refined its expertise in exactly these areas. We offer solutions for the digitalised knowledge transfer for national and international customers from economy and education – whether with the help of specially developed applications or in the form of comprehensive, individualized Learning Management Platforms (LMS) and respective productions of suitable contents.

In addition, we have a course catalogue that offers prefabricated content for about 350 courses, which we can be easily adapted and made available to institutions as required.

Despite containment measures, SGM Educational Solutions is fully operational and can provide quick and uncomplicated support for the digitalisation of education and the sustainable development and expansion of digitalised university teaching. We are hereby offering our assistance.

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