SGM evaluates technical solutions for the barrier-free 2-senses principle in Berlin public transport

In Berlin there are about 25,000 blind and partially sighted persons, who rely on the use of public transport. By realising the project „2-Sinne-Prinzip in Bussen und Bahnen“ („principle of 2 senses in busses and trams“) the Senate of Berlin and the BVG (the main public transport company of Berlin) pursue their joint objective of providing a barrier-free passenger information system.

In the scope of this project, a participatory model test is realised from February 2018 to February 2019. Several technical solutions for the implementation of the barrier-free 2-senses principle shall be tested in busses, trams and at the respective stops.

In cooperation with BVG, SGM is realising an evaluation of the technical solutions to be tested. Around 75 blind, partially sighted and seeing persons have volunteered for testing the technical solutions in everyday life and reporting on their experiences in interviews with SGM employees afterwards. For the evaluation of the psychoacoustical aspects, we cooperate with Prof. Dr. Ercan Altinsoy from the Technical University Dresden.

Following this link, you will find a video clip explaining the different technical solutions being tested and evaluated within this project.