SGM Educational Solutions​​ featured in the iMove Germany magazine

Image from x-Port articleSGM was recently featured in xPORT, a magazine publication from iMove Germany, regarding their comprehensive solutions in the educational sector. This excerpt focuses on SGM’s long-term cooperation with The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology and their thirst for innovation.

“The e-learning expert SGM Educational Solutions from Berlin […] follows a long-term cooperation model with an educational provider. However, their partner does not come from Germany but from Southern Europe. The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) is a public educational institution from the Mediterranean island of Malta, which has the mission to provide vocational education and training to their more than 10,000 students. SGM and MCAST have been cultivating their partnership since 2014.

SGM CEO, Boris Groth, knows the College from his former activity as Managing Director of Fraunhofer-IUK. At that time, the Fraunhofer society was already revising the existing engineering courses of the College. It was later on that SGM developed an interactive learning platform for MCAST together with e-learning courses in 15 different disciplines and areas of expertise other than engineering, such as healthcare, business and management, art and design, green energy, tourism and agriculture. They [rely] on a web-based learning system which is aimed at workers who want to reconcile their career and self-study further training objectives.


Both educational providers organise international exchange programmes together. In fact, SGM has already placed 40 MCAST students as interns in European companies with establishments in Germany. In addition, SGM is preparing a blended learning programme for students coming from different European countries who can acquire competences in Malta, which will then be valid and required in the German labour market.
For the future development of this partnership Vincent Maione, the Vice Principal at MCAST, states: ‘Vocational education at all levels needs to tap more into technology in order to continue with the transformation of the classroom, updating the teaching methods. Moreover offering students a real life work experience as part of their studies should not be an option but a compulsory course component. Innovative German companies like SGM can help us achieve both objectives.’ “

You can find the full article in German here.

Images taken from xPORT magazine.