online course for senior healthcare assistants

Online Course for Senior Healthcare Assistants

We need to build a bridge to the future to count on qualified and competent healthcare and caregiving professionals, with skills and competences which will contribute to achieve effective and quality healthcare provision. It is longterm quality vocational education and training (VET) in healthcare that will ultimately lead to the provision of quality healthcare in the framework of the internationalisation of VET for tomorrow’s Europe.  SGM HEALTHCARE has already embraced this challenge through an Online Course for Senior Nursing Care Assistants, which focuses especially on international employability.

This Online Course for Senior Healthcare Assistants is intended to train healthcare professionals in the field of geriatric care. It genuinely pursues to improve health and social care for the elderly by means of quality training based on the knowledge and understanding of ageing, age-related changes and how to face up to this challenging process. It encompasses a wide variety of topics that cover the fundamentals of the communication process, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, basic care provision, basic pharmacology and therapeutic methods.