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We transform challenging, complex content
into engaging learning experiences


We deliver curricula and syllabi according to international educational standards such as national or international qualifications frameworks (e.g. EQFs) in numerous disciplines by means of our extensive, international network of experts.


We create comprehensive leading-edge educational and training content and solutions making use of innovative methods and emerging technologies for new learning scenarios. This comprises physical trainings as well as comprehensive e-learning solutions and cloud-based hosting.


We provide assessment and consulting for the establishment or the reorganisation of your educational institution or your learning/training processes.

Let us shape the future of learning!

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Products and Services

By working together closely in our corporate group of companies, we combine our different specialisations in order to deliver comprehensive learning / training solutions to meet your individual needs.

Markets and Disciplines

From the individual´s learning up to corporate training for companies, we are delivering continuous professional development to different and distinguished markets with our discipline/domain specialists that know about the challenges, requirements and learning scenarios in the differing kinds of learning/educational contexts.